Short Cut Book Club

A monthly book club devoted to modern literary fiction (and maybe some memoirs and poetry too), Short Cut Book Club is a community for readers.

Books are selected monthly and democratically chosen on our Instagram.

Physical meetings will be held the 3rd Monday of the month and our online discussion chats will be held the 3rd Tuesday.

The Why:

This summer, I was determined to find a community. After three years of solely focusing on the needs of two tiny humans, I was both exhausted and bored. I spent a few weeks researching local groups. I checked out a local skateboarding group for women, tried a couple church groups, researched rock climbing, painting, and knitting classes, and finally joined an political activist group. Nothing fit.

So, I decided to start my own community. A place where all will feel welcomed and heard (and also, have fun and be challenged). I’ve always said my only true talent is reading books. Now, I am putting that claim to the test with the start of my very own book club.

OUR very own bookclub. Because this space is for you, wherever you are. You will be submitting and voting on our monthly selection. Your photographs and reviews will be featured on our Instagram. You will be part of the discussion, whether it is in person around the bonfire, or on our online discussion room. My hope is that this club become a real community where we learn and grow together.